Candace Nicole Photography

Candace Nicole Photography

"I must have flowers, always, and always"

Claude Monet

I wish I could say I grew up with a garden like Monet's in Giverny or had a family of natural green thumbs, but that's just not my story. Like many people in this industry I come from a background in a completely different line of work. I spent 14 years working in the investment management industry both in New York and Washington, D.C.  While that career was exciting, there was always something missing. CREATIVITY!   My artistic and creative side was yearning for something more full-filling.  Creating the concept for my own wedding flowers ignited my passion for exquisite floral design. 

My journey into the world of flowers began as a freelance designer working in the Washington DC metro area.  I trained under some of the area's most talented designers and I continue to admire them as artists and successful business people.  I studied basic floral design both locally and at the New York School of Floral Design. Additionally, I enhance my skills through hands-on workshops with various seasoned designers from around the country.  The focus of my work is in weddings and special events.

Flowers have long been a part of life's most celebrated moments and I am truly honored that I can help contribute to making those moments beautiful for others.